Our hours of operation are:

  • Monday to Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Our pricing is determined by several factors:

  • Quantity
  • Garment quality
  • Imprint locations
  • Printing method

Screen printing tip: Using fewer colors in your design reduces the printing cost. Additionally, printing more items with the same design lowers the cost per garment.

The delivery time varies depending on the product you order. Generally, the production time for most custom printed items is about 2 weeks. We do offer rush services, allowing for shipping in as little as two days for many products. Additionally, digital photo shirts can be shipped the next day. For availability of rush services, please email or call us. If you have a specific deadline, please inform your sales representative to ensure timely delivery.

We are located at:

911 Silver Spring Ave. #202
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Sizing can differ between brands and garments. However, approximately 80% of the products on our website are true to size.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Printing trademarked materials is highly illegal, and we cannot do it under any circumstances. While we are dedicated to providing excellent service, we cannot accept any liability for the printing of trademarked materials. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their design is original and does not infringe on any trademarks.

Absolutely! Your garment, your way. We can print on sleeves. Please submit a custom quote request if you need printing on the sleeve.

Yes, we can print on shirts you provide, but there are a few conditions. Firstly, you must sign a release form. Additionally, we require a minimum order of 12 items if you’re bringing your own garments. While we strive for excellence, machine failures and human errors can occur during production. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to garments provided by the customer. Bringing your own garments is done at your own risk. However, if you have a particular brand in mind, let us know as we may be able to source it for you.

Our guarantee policy is very simple.

Yes, our guarantee policy is straightforward. If we make a mistake on your order or if the product is materially defective, we will either refund your money for the entire order or replace the product.

If you encounter any issues with your order, please contact us immediately by phone or email. We are committed to assisting you in resolving the problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

No, the printed image on screen-printed t-shirts is highly durable and will withstand numerous washings. Our screen-printed garments utilize plastisol ink, which is directly applied to the fabric, ensuring longevity. Similarly, our “Photo” or “digitally imaged” t-shirts, which utilize transfers, have undergone extensive “wash” tests in our shop to confirm their durability over time. However, it’s important to note that digital photo transfers may not have the same longevity as screen-printed shirts. Washing instructions are provided with digital transfer shirts to help maintain their quality over time.

Certainly! While there are multiple ways to approach this, our recommendation would be to consolidate your order with a single shirt color. This streamlines the printing process and ensures uniformity across your garments. However, if you have specific reasons for wanting multiple shirt colors, such as differentiating between groups or roles, we can accommodate that too. Feel free to email us at fasttees@123fasttees.com to discuss your options further.

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