White Toner Transfer

This White Toner Printer is the latest in Digital T-Shirt Printing. Oki has created an amazing machine that prints transfers for t-shirt and so much more. It uses White Toner, along with other colors to create a massive color spectrum that can create transfers for any color t-shirt. Tabloid size prints of 11″ x 17″ Works on most fabrics and textiles.

How does it work? In a few simple steps: You send us your artwork or we create one for you. We print on a special transfer paper which is then married to an adhesive sheet w/ a heat press. Your transfer is ready to adhere to a t-shirt and tons of accessories.

Like any other new technology, this one is not yet perfected in our opinion. 

Apparel decorated using this method will last about 20 washes. This is why we recommend this option mostly for one-time events like Family reunions, birthdays, office outings, and other special occasions. 

The turnaround time on white toner transfer is 8 to 72hrs. Same-day rush service available. 

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